HLA Type - Country Park

Country Park

Local authorities have had the power to designate and manage Country Parks since 1967, establishing areas of land close to towns and cities as places where people can go to enjoy the countryside and participate in outdoor recreation. Some lie within the designed landscape of huge mansions, like Chatelherault near Glasgow. Others incorporate reservoirs and their woodlands, as at Crombie near Dundee. Many have car-parks and visitor facilities providing centres of activity for the local authorities' Ranger Services.

Chatelherault Country Park, South Lanarkshire, uses the designed landscape that was associated with the now demolished Hamilton Palace. The Park has a base at the old stables block, which is visible in the foreground. Country Parks like this are not easily identified on current OS maps or recent aerial photographs but SNH maintains a list of designated Parks and local authority websites provide additional information.

HES SC750339