Data Download

Using the HLA data within GIS mapping software enables you to ask specific questions about Scotland's historic landscape and tailor your search to your own particular interests.

Within a GIS environment, HLA data can be queried to search for a specific category or type of land use across part or all of the country. This also allows you to quantify results by hectarage. By applying different views or queries, the full variety and depth of HLA data will be revealed. HLA data can also be layered with other GIS-based sources of information to enable an integrated approach to understanding Scotland's landscape and environment.

To see some of the advantages of using HLA data through GIS, take a look at the GIS Example that has been developed. It provides an initial guide to exploring HLA data in its GIS form and can be downloaded as a pdf for reference while using HLA data within GIS.

If this is the first time you have used HLA data, you can familiarise yourself with how the data works by exploring the Case Studies and the interactive version of HLAmap on other parts of this website, before downloading and using the GIS version.

Downloading HLA data for GIS use couldn't be simpler. Just follow the link, complete the licence agreement, and then click to go.