HLA Type - Water Meadow

Water Meadow

In certain areas of Scotland during the 18th and 19th centuries meadows were improved by providing irrigation. Water was taken from a nearby river via an artificial waterway known as a 'lade'. Controlled by a series of sluices, it flowed into channels along the ridges of pasture and then back into the river. The system ensured a continuous growth of grass.

This water meadow was created in the late 1820s, taking water from the River Tay at Inverardran, near Crianlarich in highland Perthshire. The straight lines of the water channels are evident, with the intake from the river being sited close to where a small burn flows into the Tay. Historical OS maps show water lades, distribution furrows and sluices, which may be noted as 'Water Meadow'.

HES SC1331820