HLA Type - Maritime Installation

Maritime Installation

With agricultural improvements and the industrial revolution, transport by sea increased dramatically from around 1800AD. Fishing too developed, providing food for urban areas. Harbours and ports, piers and quays, breakwaters and warehouses were built. To enhance safety at sea lighthouses were constructed around the coast, commissioned by the Northern Lighthouse Board and overseen by several generations of Stephensons - the famous lighthouse engineers.

New facilities continue to be built, both for commercial and recreational purposes. Some of the harbours no longer used for trade have been redeveloped as marinas, the old warehouses being transformed for housing.

Maritime Installation

The water enclosed by the harbour bar and the quayside buildings provides safe moorings for the east coast fishing port of Eyemouth in the Borders. Historical and current OS maps note these areas, although their full extent is confirmed using aerial photographs.

HES SC987795